Conor MсGregor reсreаteѕ ісonіс рoѕeѕ by Muhаmmаd Alі аnd Bruсe Lee

Conor McGregor mimics iconic poses from Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali in his new partnership with the clothing brand “Roots of Fight.” The former UFC lightweight champion never disguised his admiration for combat sports legends, such as Lee and Ali.

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In a post on his Instagram, McGregor revealed his new business venture. ‘The Notorious’ is the latest model for the clothing brand specialising in producing designs based on icons of the fighting world.

McGregor has also announced that all of the profits made out of the partnership with “Roots of Fight” will be reverted to the Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin, based in the neighborhood where the MMA legend grew up in Dublin.

“I’ve been inspired by legends like Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali my entire life, so it is an honour to align with Roots of Fight, who have respectfully paid tribute to these icons. The Roots of Fight x Conor McGregor collection speaks to the greatness I continuously strive for while never forgetting where I came from. All profits of the collection going to the Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin,” wrote McGregor.

McGregor had also contributed to the Crumlin Children’s Hospital last year. Just when the COVID-19 pandemic started to make countries shut down, McGregor donated medical equipment and €1.3 million worth of personal protective equipment to different hospitals around Ireland.

Conor McGregor does not want to be compared to Muhammad Ali

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Although Conor McGregor admires Muhammad Ali, he does not like when people compare him to the American pugilist. Many people claim that McGregor is “the Muhammad Ali of the UFC” for his trash-talking and performances.

Even UFC president Dana White has compared both once. In fact, White had put McGregor above Ali, saying that he believed that the Irishman “had surpassed Muhammad Ali’s mental welfare.”

McGregor thanked the association and White’s words but refused to be placed at Ali’s side. ‘The Notorious’ thinks that he is far behind Ali in any sense.

“Thank you [Dana White] for them kind words about Muhammad Ali, and always: You tell the truth, no matter what you tell the truth, like me also. So, [what] he is saying about Muhammad Ali in the mental warfare, I respect, and I appreciate that,” said Conor McGregor. “But, Muhammad Ali is a special, special individual I do not… I am not even close to that man’s greatness. The things that he has done throughout his career. He is a special individual, and to be even… even [to] have my name next to that man is truly a truly proud moment for me, so thank you all, but I cannot compare myself to that great man.”

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