He wаs not tһe greаtest of аny tіme” – Cһаel Sonnen сlаіms Muһаmmаd Alі іs сonsіdered tһe GOAT of boxіng beсаuse ‘һe sаіd іt fіrst’

While Chael Sonnen is infamous for offering contentious opinions, his most recent theory may attract more detractors than usual. Sonnen recently took aim at Muhammad Ali and declared that Ali was never the greatest of all time.

Chael Sonnen (left) & Muhammad Ali (right) [Image Credits- @muhammadali on Instagram]

Despite acknowledging Ali was a great boxer, Sonnen opined that he had not done enough to be considered the greatest of his generation yet alone ever.

In a recent video on YouTube, Chael Sonnen cited issues with Muhammad Ali’s record, claiming it was not on the level of other boxing greats:

“Muhammad Ali was a very good boxer. But that’s where it ends. He was not the greatest of all time. He wasn’t the greatest of his time. He was not the greatest of any time. He was very good and fun. But he doesn’t have a record that could match up with any of your Sugar Ray Robinsons, your Sugar Ray Leonards, Floyd Mayweather. They were much more impressive,” declared Chael Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen on why Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest of all time

Chael Sonnen went on to detail why Muhammad Ali is popularly lauded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. As far as Sonnen is concerned, it all comes down to being the early bird.

Sonnen opined that Ali was a self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. with the only difference being that he said it before anyone else:

“[Muhammad Ali] said it. But he said it first. You now have guys that have come off the back of him. Floyd Mayweather says, ‘I’m the greatest of all time.’ Many guys have said it. But they didn’t say it first. Which has given Muhammad Ali a leg up,” said Chael Sonnen.

Regardless of the chronology of events, Muhammad Ali is widely considered one of the greatest boxers of all time by purists of the sport as well as casuals. That seems unlikely to change any time soon given how budding fighters still draw inspiration from Ali and aspire to be like him.

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