Mike Tyson Shares for the First Time Why He Had to Use a Wheelchair in 2022: “I Almost Died Because of the Doctor’s Mistake

In a recent interview, boxing legend Mike Tyson shared for the first time the reason why he had to use a wheelchair in 2022, revealing that he nearly lost his life due to a mistake by a doctor.

During an interview on a popular television show, Tyson explained that the incident occurred while he was participating in a reality TV program. “I almost lost my life due to a medical mistake,” Tyson shared. “I was injured and had to be hospitalized immediately.”According to Tyson, the cause of this incident was an error in the medical intervention.

“The doctor made a major mistake, and I had to undergo a major surgery to correct the consequences,” he added.

Although he did not disclose the specifics of the exact mistake that occurred, Tyson emphasized the importance of promoting safety and quality in the field of healthcare. “The important thing is to ensure that everyone is cared for properly and safely,” he said.However,

Tyson also shared that despite going through tough times, he feels very grateful for the support from his family, friends, and fans during that difficult time. “I am very lucky to have the support of everyone around me,” Tyson shared.

During the interview, Tyson not only spoke about the challenges he had to face but also inspired others by sharing his story and emphasizing the importance of patience and acceptance in life.Mike Tyson’s interview is not only an opportunity to share about a significant event in his life but also a powerful reminder of the importance of safety and quality in the healthcare field, as well as the strength of support and empathy during difficult times.

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