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  15 years ago today, Randy Orton kissed Stephanie McMahon as Triple H watched helplessly while handcuffed.

15 лет назад на Raw Рэнди Ортон поцеловал Стефани МакМэн, а Трипл Эйч  смотрел пристегнутый наручниками. Это самый популярный.. | ВКонтакте

It seems like you’re describing a moment from professional wrestling, likely WWE.

Indeed, this event took place during a storyline in WWE in 2009. In the storyline, Randy Orton kissed Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, while her husband, Triple H, was incapacitated and handcuffed.

This dramatic moment was part of a larger storyline involving Orton, Triple H, and the McMahon family, which created significant tension and drama within the WWE universe.

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Such storylines are common in the world of professional wrestling, where dramatic and sometimes controversial moments are used to entertain fans and drive the narrative forward.

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