“50 Cent Responds to J. Cole’s Apology to Kendrick Lamar”

J. Cole / 50 Cent / Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole has publicly apologized to Kendrick Lamar for dissing him on “7 Minute Drill” from his new album Might Delete Later, while performing at Dreamville Festival.

Walking back his lyrics about his longtime friend on the surprise song that was released on last week, Cole expressed regret about releasing the track.

“I’m so proud of my new album, except for one part. It’s one part of that s–t that makes me feel like, man that’s the lamest s–t I did in my f–kin’ life, right?
And I know this is not what a lot of people want to hear. I was conflicted because: one, I know my heart and I know how I feel about my peers.
These two n-ggas that I just been blessed to even stand beside in this game, let alone chase their greatness. So I felt conflicted ’cause I’m like, bruh, I don’t even feel no way. But the world wanna see blood.
I don’t know if y’all can feel that, but the world wanna see blood.” said J. Cole to the crowed during his headlining set.

Then he continued: “That s–t disrupts my f–king peace. So what I want to say right here tonight is in the midst of me doing that, trying to find a little angle and downplay this n-gga’s f–king catalog and his greatness,

I want to say right now tonight, how many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest motherf–kers to ever touch a f–king microphone? Dreamville, y’all love Kendrick Lamar, correct? As do I. I just want to come up here and publicly be like, bruh, that was the lamest, goofiest s–t.
I say all that to say it made me feel like 10 years ago when I was moving incorrectly. And I pray that God will line me back up on my purpose and on my path. I pray that my n-gga really didn’t feel no way and if he did, my n-gga, I got my chin out. Take your best shot. I’ma take that s–t on the chin, boy. Do what you do.”

“All good. It’s love. And I pray that y’all forgive a n-gga for the misstep and I can get back to my true path. Because I ain’t gonna lie to y’all, the past two days felt terrible.

It let me know how good I’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years.” J. Cole added. The Dreamville boss also said he would be taking the diss track off streaming services but at the time of writing this article, it is still available on Spotify and Apple Music.

J. Cole’s apology was not well received by many in Hip Hop and it looks like 50 Cent is one of them. Taking to his social media accounts, Fif posted a screenshot of the article of Cole apologizing with the caption: “WTF how I miss this, J. Cole call my phone, right now!” Check the post below:

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