Eminem – prison past, abuse and 72 day marriage

The “King of Rap” has a tumultuous past such as being abandoned by his father, school violence, and imprisonment. This greatly affects the male singer’s personality of not being afraid of collision.

48 years ago, on October 17, one of the greatest rappers of all time was born – Eminem. Daily Star opened the article talking about the male singer’s past.

Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers. He is the only son of the Mathers and his wife, two members of the band Daddy Warbucks. Since birth, the life of singer Mocking Bird has encountered many events.

His mother almost died while struggling with a 73-hour labor. Marshall’s father also soon abandoned him and his mother and went with another woman.

From then on, Eminem was considered an unfortunate child. After being abandoned by her husband, Mrs. Deborah Rae used her son to vent her anger. Violence and school violence were things he had to endure throughout his childhood.

Family events caused Eminem to have a tough personality, having been handcuffed in court before becoming one of the best-selling artists of the 21st century.

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“Fatherless child” and childhood bullying

When Eminem was 6 months old, he was abandoned by his father. Mr. Marshall Bruce Mathers gave up his wife and young children to “find a new, better life”.

Later, when he was a famous singer, Slim Shady – Eminem’s other name – publicly talked about his poor relationship with his biological father. The rapper born in 1972 also did not hide the fact that he and his mother were abandoned.

However, according to Daily Star, when the Love The Way You Lie singer became famous globally, Mr. Marshall tried to contact his son. Previously, when interviewed by a news site, he said he refused to meet and had never contacted his ex-wife.

In 2011, Mathers told The Mirror that he did not care about Eminem’s money or status, he just wanted to see his children again. “I just want to talk to my child. I want my child to know that his father is still here and ready to return if Marshall allows him,” he shared

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However, the rapper born in 1972 never wanted to reconcile with his biological father. In the song My Name Is, Eminem talks about his father with hateful words. “When you see my father, say I slit his throat in a dream,” he writes in the song.

The hatred for his biological father stems from the fact that Eminem was severely bullied in high school because he had no adults around to protect him.

In the song Brain Damage, the male singer talks about his past when “fat guy” DeAngelo Bailey forced him to submit. “I was harassed and bullied every day by that fat boy. That was the hateful action of an 8th grader,” he wrote.

The male singer also talked about the psychological trauma of being stuffed into a study closet every day. One time, he was even bullied by Bailey while in the bathroom.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, DeAngelo Bailey admitted to bullying the singer in high school. Shortly after, he sued Eminem for defamation but was dismissed by the court.

“Ironically, it was a ‘rap diss’ so Bailey couldn’t do anything,” Daily Star commented.

“Unfilial son” and a late apology

Call Eminem an unfortunate child because not only was he abandoned by his biological father, he also suffered a lot of abuse from his mother. Ms. Deborah became mentally ill after experiencing many shocks.

In 1996, Deborah was removed from custody of Nathan Mathers, Eminem’s younger half-brother. He affirmed that he raised his younger brother after his mother showed many signs of mental illness.

In the song Cleanin Out My Closet, Eminem claimed that Deborah suffered from Munchausen’s disease, a disease that caused her to intentionally cause pain to others. He also criticized his biological mother for being an addict and irresponsible person.

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After releasing the song, he received a lot of criticism. The media once called the male singer an unfilial person who wrote songs that were against morals and ethics.

In her memoir My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, Ms. Deborah tells very different stories about her son, especially the story of her going through death’s door when giving birth, taking care of Eminem through severe fevers…

It wasn’t until 2014 that he officially apologized to his mother. Although it was late, he still had time to turn back. On Mother’s Day, the rapper born in 1972 released the MV Headlights sending his sincere words to Ms. Deborah.

“Mom, I disappointed you. I’m so angry because I didn’t have the chance to thank the person who gave birth to me. Mom, please accept this apology as gratitude…” he wrote in the song.

After 20 years, Eminem officially put aside his ego and made up with his mother. He also regretted not allowing her to appear at his wedding or only providing money without paying attention to his mother.

Daily Star said that the male rapper and his mother currently have a good relationship.

Prison past and noisy marriage

After a troubled childhood, Eminem’s adulthood was full of rebellion, breaking the law many times.

At the age of 20, vocalist Stan was arrested for the first time when he used a paintball gun to attack someone. In the movie 8 Mile, the male singer recounted the moment the trial was canceled because the accuser did not appear.

In April 2001, Associated Press reported that singer Venom was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to hiding a weapon during an argument at a nightclub in Detroit, USA.

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According to AP, Eminem told police he saw a nightclub security guard named John Guerra kissing his wife, so he pulled out a pistol to threaten and assault her. Before that, the media was confused with the news that he was facing 5 years in prison. However, Eminem was given a suspended sentence because he had no criminal record.

“That’s enough time to punish Eminem. I think he will think carefully before doing something extravagant,” judge Antonio Viviano said.

After the trial, the male singer affirmed that he would rebuild his life. “The stressful days are over, I have to change my mentality, spend time with my daughter and music,” he told AP.

In addition to family and personal events, Eminem also had an equally noisy marriage.

At the age of 15, the male singer dated his childhood friend Kimberly Ann Scott and quickly got married. In 1995, Kim gave birth to his first daughter. At that time, Eminem was a famous name. Due to focusing on his music career, the male singer is in no hurry to get married.

It wasn’t until 1999 that singer Stan and his girlfriend got married. His wedding did not have the presence of his biological mother. In Deborah’s memoir, she said she wanted to celebrate her son’s wedding many times, but Eminem did not agree.

Although it was a childhood love affair, Kim betrayed her husband many times. He divorced Kim after 10 years together because she hugged and kissed a nightclub security guard – the reason that almost pushed the talented singer into prison.
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Eminem has been called a “bad boy but lovesick” many times. In 2006, the Rap God singer decided to marry his ex-wife again. He even ignored everything and adopted Kim’s stepdaughter and his sister-in-law’s child.

However, just 72 days after signing the marriage certificate with Kim, Eminem decided to divorce. The two refused to answer the media about the reason for going their separate ways. According to Daily Star, the 48-year-old rapper and his ex-wife currently maintain a good relationship.

After 48 years since his birth, Eminem’s life has never been quiet. In the rapper world, besides being nicknamed rhyme master, great rapper… he is considered “the enemy of many singers”, ready to ruffle feathers in response. This is exactly what deeply wounded souls do.

After all, Eminem is currently the top name in the rapper world, one of the best-selling artists in the world with remarkable achievements. And few people expected that a tough singer like him would do a good job as a father despite living in a “rooster raising his children” situation.

“Being a father is the most important thing in the world. I am willing to give up everything to be with her,” he said in the interview.

Perhaps, Eminem had suffered enough hurt, he wanted to pour all his love to compensate for his daughter, as a way to soothe himself.

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