Even Snoop Dogg’s Viral ‘Give Up Smoke’ Ad Couldn’t Save The CEO’s Job From Going Up In Flames

Last year, “That’s How We Ballin” rapper Snoop Dogg nearly knocked Earth off its axis when he announced he would give up smoke.

How Solo Stove Landed the Snoop Collaboration


For days, the shocking revelation was all folks could talk about. Several musicians, including Meek Mill and Uproxx cover star Coi Leray, vowed to give up weed to follow in his footsteps.

However, Snoop wasn’t talking up kicking his love for marijuana. Snoop was simply lending his likeness to the company Solo Stove for their “Give Up Smoke” advertisement. Still, the idea of Snoop no longer enjoying a fat blunt quickly helped the campaign go viral.

Snoop Dogg 'giving up smoke' now makes sense (as expected) - Los Angeles Times

However, according to The Daily, despite the ad’s virality, the company saw no “substantial revenue increase.

” The outlet revealed that, as a result, Solo Brands announced a significant leadership change. As of January 15, the CEO behind the ad, John Merris, is out and Christopher Metz is in as the company’s new president, chief executive officer, and director of the board.

Snoop Dogg announces smokeless fire pit collab amid 'giving up smoke'

Interim CFO Andrea Tarbox shed light on the shake-up in a statement.

“While our unique marketing campaigns raised brand awareness of Solo Stove to an expanded and new audience of consumers, it did not lead to the sales lift that we had planned, which, combined with the increased marketing investments, negatively impacted our EBITDA,” she said.

“We believe there is a significant opportunity for us to build awareness and that these new campaigns will expand our reach and benefit our brands over the long term.”

According to The Daily, the split was mutual.

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