“Shocking Allegations: Esteemed Rapper Accused of Sexual Assault and Coerced Oral Contact”

The identity of this powerful male rapper surprised many netizens.

According to news from NBC, on February 9, female dancer Jane Doe caused a stir when she filed a lawsuit against male rapper Snoop Dogg and his friend, Donald Campbell (also known as Bishop Don Magic Juan).

The female dancer accused Snoop Dogg and her close friend of sexually assaulting her 9 years ago. The incident happened after Jane Doe attended a Snoop Dogg concert in May 2013.

Jane Doe said Donald Campbell offered to give her a ride. On the bus, she fell asleep from exhaustion, and the final stop suddenly turned out to be Donald Campbell’s home.

Sốc: 1 rapper quyền lực bị tố tấn công tình dục, ép quan hệ bằng miệng-1

According to court records, Jane Doe slept at Campbell’s house and was awakened by him at 4 a.m. Campbell repeatedly forced Jane Doe to perform oral sex.

Campbell then took Jane Doe to Snoop Dogg’s recording studio, where the male rapper was recording Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network show.

Campbell confirmed to Jane Doe that Snoop Dogg wanted her to become a weather forecast host, so she continued to accompany him in hopes of advancing her career.

Sốc: 1 rapper quyền lực bị tố tấn công tình dục, ép quan hệ bằng miệng-2

She thought she would become famous thanks to Snoop Dogg’s support, but ironically, Jane Doe was once again sexually assaulted by the famous male rapper.

The female dancer recalled that she felt unwell on set so she went to the bathroom. However, Snoop Dogg suddenly entered, locked the door and forced her to perform oral sex. Not only that, Snoop Dogg was also accused of ejaculating on Jane Doe.

Finally, after being sexually assaulted twice, Jane Doe was still not hired by Snoop Dogg as a host because she was not enthusiastic about “serving” the male rapper’s needs.

It is known that Jane Doe feels very pressured by Snoop Dogg due to the male rapper’s dominance and power in the entertainment industry. Accordingly, Snoop Dogg has the ability to hire, fire, and even “kill” Jane Doe, causing her to no longer be offered a job by anyone in the entertainment industry.

Jane Doe asked the male rapper to compensate the huge amount of 10 million USD (more than 226 billion VND) but was refused. On February 9, Snoop Dogg denied all accusations on Instagram and called Jane Doe a “gold digger”.


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