Snoop Dogg: His past in prison and his path to becoming a legend

With more than 20 years of career, Snoop Dogg is one of the indispensable pieces of the rap world.

The road to success is not always full of roses. From a notorious rapper, after more than 20 years of pursuing a music career, Snoop Dogg has risen to become one of the best rap artists of all time. He is the epitome of the saying: “Talent is not as important as determination.”

Prison history

Artists often have many talents and many shortcomings. This saying applies completely to Snoop Dogg. Not only is he a rapper and a living legend who receives the attention of many people, he is also considered a famous and successful businessman. But behind the talent, a long story about a scandalous life is always mentioned.

Originally just a black boy from a poor family in Long Beach California, Snoop Dogg’s childhood and adolescence were associated with countless “in and out of jail” times.

Snoop Dogg was a Crip gang member while in high school. Shortly after graduating, he was arrested for cocaine possession and spent six months in the county jail across the street.

Not stopping there, he was also imprisoned on suspicion of being involved in the death of his rival Philip Woldemariam. And since this incident, Snoop has become even more famous.

In Snoop Dogg’s time, being involved in serious incidents like this could cost stars their careers, even their lives. However, luckily he still stands firm in the face of the black holes of sin.

After many stumbles, Snoop knew clearly that what he wanted was to pursue a musical career, not become a gangster. Having sold millions of records in the United States, traces of his heroic days on the streets still dominate his life to this day. This is even the inspiration in many of Snoop Dogg’s later compositions.

The road to becoming legendary

Snoop’s journey to music is not as simple as people think of stars. And it would be a mistake not to mention the help of Dr.Dre. His talent was discovered in 1992 by this great rapper and soon after, he also contributed to this tycoon’s debut solo album.

It can be said that Snoop Dogg -Dr. Dre is likened to a pair that is difficult to separate. As he once said: “Every time we work together, fans expect magical products.”

Continuing with the story, a year later, when he left high school, Snoop Dogg began composing his first album called Doggstyle. He could not have imagined that the first work in his life would become a work that was considered the most successful in rap music history up to that time.

With a simple, comfortable yet equally smooth and sharp flow and the ability to improvise lyrics on the spot, Snoop Dogg immediately became the new idol of many audiences.

After this first famous work, he continued to develop his talent for composing music, performing and recording with famous albums around the world such as Tha Doggfather, No Limit, Snoop Dogg’s Doggstyl4 or others. Rhythm & Ganysta.

Still in a cheerful, relaxed style, the whole album seems suitable for those who want to dance a little after a stressful day of work. Some albums in this collection are also very suitable for the atmosphere of a crowded nightclub, where there are gloating faces waiting for a striptease.

One thing that few people know is that composing music is just one of Snoop Dogg’s natural talents. He is also famous for performing this music genre in his own unmistakable style. It’s his relaxed style when performing his works, clear, extremely inspiring vocal delivery and a unique “lazy” performance style that makes him even more famous.

Besides, those who have collaborated with Snoop in his work have never seen him as a top music star, but instead as someone who dares to do everything to realize his dreams and strive for his ideas. own thoughts.

To date Snoop Dogg has sold more than 23 million albums in the US and 35 million albums worldwide. As for the number of platinum discs, perhaps Snoop needs to build a new “museum” to store these award certificates.

With so many future plans, one could say that Snoop Dogg is too greedy, but it seems there is nothing he cannot do to make his ambitions come true.

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