“Snoop Dogg: The Star Emerges from the Depths of Black Mud”

Perhaps there are not many people who don’t know Snoop Dogg, a veteran rapper in Hollywood with many remarkable achievements.


On the occasion of Snoop Dog’s birthday (October 20), let’s review the milestones in the life and career of this talented male singer with ELLE Man!
Snoop Dogg’s real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus. According to him, young Calvin at that time was a very enthusiastic person. Even though he was born into a somewhat incomplete family, his childhood was still extremely happy when his respected mother gave him the opportunity to study and perform music at major churches in his hometown.

At the age of 13, the male singer began to learn and practice composing rap music. “I often suddenly get excited and perform in my class and attract a lot of participants; to the point where the principal had to come and disperse him because he thought we were gathering to fight,” the male singer laughed as he reminisced. “Gradually, I felt like I really had a natural talent for this; and that makes me feel extremely happy.”

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However, all of these things could not help the male singer’s life from plummeting immediately afterward. Born and raised in the slums and worst-off areas in the city of Long Beach, California, from a young age the male singer had to witness many unpleasant scenes such as violence, shootings and robberies.

The temptations of a rich and adventurous life led Snoop Dogg to join the notorious Crips mafia gang here right after leaving school. In 1993, the male singer’s “jail-out” lifestyle hit social rock bottom when he was sentenced to temporary detention on charges of possessing drugs and addictive substances.

Not only that, he was also suspected of being the culprit who caused the death of Philip Woldemariam – the leader of a rival faction. It can be said that within the next 3 years, Snoop Dogg has “smoothed out” the prisons in California.
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Although not a strange thing for hip hop artists in Hollywood, these stains from the past still make stars struggle when trying to shake them off and rebuild their lives.

Fortunately for Snoop Dogg, after many stumbles, he finally stopped at the right time. Realizing his passion for music, he quickly left the dangerous gangster world and focused on developing a professional singing career.
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In fact, Snoop Dog’s successful career as a singer cannot help but mention the help of male rapper Dr. Dre. Realizing Snoop Dog’s potential, the male rapper invited him to participate in his first work – The Chronic.
The harmonious combination of the two quickly created wonderful musical effects; Helping many experts and fans support. Taking advantage of the victory, the male singer quickly released his solo album Doggystyle right after.

With approximately 1 million copies sold in the first week, Snoop Dog was a “dinosaur rookie” among hip hop artists at that time.
In addition, the male singer is also famous for his unique “extremely chill” rap style. Besides, the “special” experiences during his youth are also factors that help his music differentiate from those around him.

More than 20 years later, the boy from the slums is now one of the most successful male singers of all time; owns hundreds of different large and small awards including 17 prestigious Grammy Award nominations. Not only that, after affirming his personal name, Snoop Dogg has now gradually turned his attention to finding, discovering and supporting new talents around the world such as Rita Ora, PSY…

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In 2014, Snoop Dogg joined hands with the “Asian phenomenon” at that time – PSY – in the work Hangover. Photo: Billboard

In 2019, the male rapper suddenly appeared in the unique collaboration work Give it to me by male singer Son Tung M-TP. For Vietnamese artists in general, this is an extremely special and unprecedented collaboration.
Both quickly achieved remarkable achievements not only in Vietnam but also throughout Asia. Talking about this symbolic handshake, Son Tung M-TP said this was “a real dream”.
Also according to Tung, in contrast to his somewhat “massive” and “scary” appearance, Snoop Dogg in real life is very friendly and professional. This is also the person that the male singer deeply admires and respects for his great achievements.
nam ca sỹ Snoop Dogg

In 2019, the male singer along with Son Tung M-TP released the music product Give it to me and achieved great success.
Talking about the male singer’s personal life, through many ups and downs of life, he has now been married for 21 years with his high school love – Shante Taylor. The two have three children together and still give each other intimate gestures at big events.

Snoop Dogg with his small family. Photo: Dailymail
Besides, Snoop Dogg’s wife is also an extremely trustworthy advisor in his own business career as well as other projects. Let’s wish the male singer will always be happy with his home, continue to release quality music products and always be a “teacher” to help and guide newly discovered musical talents. develop.

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