There’s One Person Snoop Dogg Would Love To Get High With And It’s A Fellow Music Icon

Snoop Dogg has been an entertainment icon for decades, and given his long-running association with and love for weed, you’d think that at this point, he would have been able to have a smoke with anybody he’d ever want. It turns out there’s still one person on his to-do list, though.

Snoop Dogg Wants To Get High With Sade

Snoop was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (January 24). At the very top of the conversation, Kimmel asked if there’s somebody Snoop has always wanted to get high with but hasn’t yet had the chance, or anybody he has smoked with that people might find surprising.

Snoop insisted he didn’t want to “tell on anyone,” but as for who’s on his “bucket list,” he said, “I would love to smoke with Sade.” He added, “Hopefully get a record out of her, too.”

Snoop Dogg says only one person can outsmoke him

Speaking of new music from Sade: In 2022, it was reported that Sade was the first artist to record in the re-opened Miraval Studios, Brad Pitt’s recording studio in France.

If a new Sade album is on the way, it would be the first since 2010’s Soldier Of Love. Meanwhile, Snoop and Sade had something in common in 2023, when they were both inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Of course Snoop Dogg isn't actually giving up smoking

Check out Snoop’s full Kimmel interview above.

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