Yelawolf talks meeting Eminem for the first time

Eminem / Yelawolf

In a recent interview with DJ VLAD, Yelawolf talked about meeting Eminem first time and doing the first album under Shady Records.

“What was the first meeting Eminem like? He walked around the corner reciting every word to Pop The Trunk, without even saying what’s up. He was just rapping it. It was mind-blowing.” said Yelawolf.

Then he continued: “I was like any other white boy that was chasing this hip-hop dream. It was crushing to have this…not being represented correctly. We always wanted to be representative.

Somebody has to get this correct in a major major way and he did and I was just proud. Watching his success meant that I had a chance. Cause he kicked the door down.

But you had to be a f–king beast. I wanted to be an ally and not on the receiving in of a battle ort anything like that. I never wanted that. I wanted to join that and get the cosign and I set out to do that. It was surreal.

But at the same time, if you would have asked me 10 years before ‘are you gonna sign to Shady’ I would have just been like ‘f–k yeah.’

It’s that ego thing. I held on to that demo tape I found of his 10 years before, classic Eminem, he would hand those to labels and s–t. I found it, put it in my back pocket and I set out to put in his hands and I did that very thing.”

“So, it was surreal but it was also almost immediately. After brewing down with him, having really great meeting and a conversation with him, I think I jumped right back in the car and I was like ‘man lets do the album immediately.’ So we did.

We went out to Vegas, wrote a record with Mally Mall, WLPWR, show back up a couple months later with an album done.” Yelawolf added. You can watch the new interview below:


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