High-Seas Showdowns: The US Coast Guard’s Unconventional Tactics for Intercepting Criminal Boats

The US Coast Guard employs innovative and daring techniques to intercept and stop suspicious boats at sea in order to prevent illegal activities such as drug smuggling and human trafficking.

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In a recently released video, the Coast Guard showcased some of their most intense and dangerous methods of halting rogue vessels.

One technique featured in the video involves deploying an armed helicopter to disable a suspect boat by shooting out its engines.

Another method showcased is using high-speed interceptor boats to intercept and block the path of a fleeing vessel, forcing it to stop and submit to inspection.

These dramatic tactics demonstrate the Coast Guard’s commitment to enforcing maritime security and protecting American coastal waters.

By showcasing their bold and unconventional strategies, the Coast Guard aims to deter criminals and ensure the safety of the seas.

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