Comedian Nikki Glaser Revealed All The Jokes She Cut From The Tom Brady Roast, And There Were Some Wild Ones In There

Nikki Glaser on stage speaking at Tom Brady's Netflix Roast.Nikki Glaser speaks at Tom Brady’s Roast (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix)

Nikki Glaser was one of many comedians, former NFL stars, and celebrities who appeared at the Tom Brady roast broadcast live on Netflix. Not only that, but the comedian’s jokes were hilarious, and everyone gave her props.

However, there were more in her arsenal that she could have said but decided to cut for who knows what reason. She recently joined the Howard Stern Show to discuss and reveal the jokes she chose to cut, and they were absolutely fantastic.

Glaser decided to cut a joke referencing the NFL’s traumatic brain injury controversies that have heated up over recent years after former wide receiver Antonio Brown’s behavior public ally gone off the rails.

The joke absolutely flamed the NFL in general… “Thank you all for being here and taking some time away from cheating on your wives. Hey, it’s not your fault they’re aging naturally…All the proceeds from tonight are going to CTE research and the NFL’s coordinated effort to cover it up…people don’t know but it cost millions to murder those doctors that know the truth.”

Nikki Glaser Cut Cut CTE Joke From Tom Brady Roast.

Glaser also commented on Brady running up to Jeff Ross and telling him to keep Kraft out of the roast after Ross joked about Brady offering him a message as soon as he joined the Patriots in 2000.

She essentially said the only reason Brady got up to defend Kraft was that the Patriots owner was like a father figure to the former NFL signal-caller during his time in the NFL. It wasn’t all that fans had made it out to be.

After a long night, Brady was able to add some flames of his own, and they weren’t half bad. Brady threw some shade at popstar Taylor Swift after calling out the Chiefs that night, which was a ballsy move on his part.

Honestly, even though this may not have been a game of any sort, it may rank in the top ten nights in NFL history. Not many nights will we enjoy Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski, among others, roasting each other for the world to see.

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