Dave Portnoy Drops The Truth Bomb On Netflix For Editing Out One Of The Most Memorable Moments From Tom Brady’s Roast

Photos of Dave Portnoy and Tom Brady smilingDave Portnoy and Tom Brady (Photos via Getty Images)

Dave Portnoy has slammed Netflix following their decision to edit out one of the more notable moments from Tom Brady’s roast.

Brady was the subject of a sensational roast on Sunday night, with several former teammates and various celebrities stepping up to take shots at him. Kim Kardashian was among them but was treated to boos when she took to the stage.

“Kardashian got booed like Goodell after the Pats won the Super Bowl,” Portnoy tweeted. “Kevin Hart had to legit tell people to stop. I f*****g love it.”

Fans who watched live on Netflix would have heard the boos, but the moment is nowhere to be found in the final edited version.


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