Green Bay Packers Are About To Make A Massive Change That Would Be A First In Their Franchise’s History

Green Bay Packers helmetsGreen Bay Packers Helmet (via Getty Images)

Having hosted players such as Brett Favre, Bart Starr, and Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers are one of, if not the most historic franchise in the NFL’s history. They are also the first-ever winners of the Super Bowl.

Part of what makes the squad so iconic is their yellow helmets with the green outlined logo. The Pack has been known to bring out different throwback helmets, but none have been a color other than mainly yellow.

According to Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas, that could all change in 2024 as the Packers consider introducing a white-colored alternate helmet. If we’re being honest, it might just work with the current state of NFL uniforms.

An unnamed person earlier this month gave Lukas a list of information on uniform changes, and according to his comments, all the changes listed have indeed come true so far, but the list is not finished yet.

Packers Set To Add White Helmet To Uniform

According to Lukas’ source, unfortunately no new uniform has been mentioned to compliment the new helmet, and some may consider this disappointed as the all-white NFL uniforms have been very well received so far.

Another team that comes to mind is the Bengals who introduced their all-white uniform in 2016, and added the helmet in 2022, debuting the look in a game against the Tua Tagavailoa-led Miami Dolphins.

It’s not clear on how the Packers plan on pairing their white helmets with as they have yet to be officially revealed, but it should be noted that the Pack could use them with their white-on-white color rush uniforms, which they last wore in 2022.

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