“Happy I’m Not in It”- 76ers’ Joel Embiid Talks About a Toxic NBA MVP Discussion

76ers’ Joel Embiid Talks About a Toxic NBA MVP DiscussionNikola Jokic, Joel Embiid (Image Source: Getty Images)

Joel Embiid, the outstanding player for the Philadelphia 76ers, saw a bright side to missing the number of games required to qualify for accolades and the All-NBA team. If anything, Embiid’s triumph against Nikola Jokić of the Denver Nuggets feels a lot less controversial than the MVP contest this season. Maybe that’s because Jokić is thought to have such a big advantage over the opposition in the absence of a credible opponent.

The reigning MVP expressed his thoughts, “happy I’m not in the conversation because it has been toxic for a long time.”

In the most recent MVP straw poll, which ESPN’s Tim Bontemps conducted, the Nuggets big man received 85 of the 100 first-place votes. There seems to be a clear front-runner on the ballot.

A year ago, Embiid prevailed easily, but during most of the campaign. Embiid and Jokić were in a virtual tie. This meant that many supporters formed battle lines, even those who weren’t very invested in one team.

Joel Embiid Has Been Playing Almost MVP-Caliber Since His Return

The process of Joel Embiid’s comeback hasn’t been gradual. He’s back and operating at full capacity. In his first game back, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 109-105 on Tuesday. He finished with 24 points, six rebounds, seven assists, and three steals in 29 minutes.

Embiid led the team to a 109-105 victory over the Miami Heat on Thursday, with 29 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. Despite missing more than two months of play, he is still finding his rhythm, thus it is understandable that he was able to shoot below 45% in both games. Embiid didn’t play until January 30 before Tuesday’s match.

If Joel Embiid hadn’t had a meniscus tear, he most likely would have been alongside Jokić once more. His worth on the field was demonstrated by Philly’s performance without him, as he averaged 34.9 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks.

With Embiid, the Sixers have gotten to 2-0. In the standings, they trail the sixth-seeded Indiana Pacers by one game and the seventh-place Miami Heat by 0.5 games. With Embiid on the court, Philly’s offense appears revitalized as he keeps drawing defensive attention away from other plays with his presence.

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