“He’s a Different Player”- Russell Westbrook Lauded Paul George’s Magnificent Performance Against the Cavaliers

Russell Westbrook, Paul GeorgeRussell Westbrook, Paul George (Image Source Getty Images)

Following the Los Angeles Clippers’ amazing 26-point triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Russell Westbrook couldn’t help but mock his opponents. Despite the Cavaliers’ huge lead against the Clippers, the game turned radically in the second half, with Paul George and his teammates pulling off an incredible comeback to win.

Right from the initial couple of minutes of the second half, it appeared that the Cleveland Cavaliers would leave Los Angeles with a resounding victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul George, however, was not going to let the Clippers lose their 29th game this season.

In the final quarter, PG changed the tide of the Cavaliers’ 26-point lead, scoring 23 points to help California win 120-118. Following the game, Russell Westbrook couldn’t help but praise his exceptional teammate for his accomplishments.

During an interview soon after the game, Russell Westbrook was asked about Paul George’s performance during the last game. Russell replied that when Paul George is at his best, no one can beat his team.

“When did you know Paul George had it going?” the reporter asked during the post-game interview.

“When he woke up this morning… Listen, when PG’s at his best, not too many teams can beat us and when he’s aggressive, miss or making shots, he’s a different player.” Westbrook said during the interview.

Russell Westbrook has not won an NBA championship in his long 16-year career

Paul George played an important role in the Clippers’ comeback. He led all scorers with 39 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook demonstrated his versatility and impact on the game by scoring eight points, seven rebounds, and six assists off the bench.

Russell Westbrook has won numerous honours, including MVP, but has not won an NBA championship in his long 16-year career. However, his biggest chance to win a championship may come during his tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers.

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