“I Called ‘GAME’ for Him”: LeBron James Expressed His Thoughts on Jamal Murray’s Game Winner

Jamal MurrayJamal Murray and LeBron James (Image Source: Getty Images)

The fabled rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets went to the next level on Monday night. Jamal Murray helped his team win the game in a clutch moment, bringing the Lakers’ comeback to a halt. LeBron James expressed his thoughts about his final shot in a post-game interview.

After the ecstatic game between the Nuggets and the Lakers, LeBron James, a future Hall of Famer, attended an interview with reporters following the game. Johan Buha of The Athletic was one of those reporters who asked LeBron James about his thoughts on Murray’s game-winning shot.

The moment it (the Ball) left his hand, I already knew it was going in. I called ‘GAME’ for him,” said LeBron James. He displayed his two-decade-long experience as a professional baller in his statements. James highlighted that as soon as the ball left Murray’s hand, he realized that it was going in. He was disappointed in losing the game but appreciated Murray’s skills on the court.

Jamal Murray didn’t even see his spectacular buzzer-beater

The Nuggets star Jamal Murray received great praise from many people for his spectacular clutch performance against the Lakers. He scored a buzzer-beater in the game’s final moments to secure victory for his team. However, Murray was unable to see his game-winning shot sink in.

Murray hit a 15-footer over Anthony Davis at the buzzer on Monday night. He secured a stunning 101-99 win for his team, extending their 494-day winning streak against the Lakers. “I just lost my balance and fell. I think AD (Anthony Davis) was in my way or somebody was in my way, and I just heard everybody scream, and that was how I knew it went in,” said Murray, admitting that he missed the shot that won the game.

With this win, the Nuggets are up 10-0 against the Lakers, defeating them for the 10th consecutive time in their recent matchups. They also secured Game 2 of the first-round playoff series and now need only 1 game too advance to the next round.

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