Is Madden NFL 24 on Nintendo Switch? Platforms Explained

Madden NFL 24 continues the franchise’s advancements for the ultimate football game, raising the question if it can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

Two Madden NFL 24 players throwing passes

Madden NFL 24continues its domination of the American Football video game genre across a myriad of platforms. The EA Sports game has seen continued installments for over a decade, and while recent additions can feel like minor upgrades, its popularity is undeniable. Madden 24 offers its players a variety of modes to enjoy, from taking control of people’s favorite and best teams in the Franchise mode, creating a superstar player, or building a roster of stars in Ultimate Team. Madden also offers a rewarding skill ceiling for avid football fans who want to invest in improvement.

Patrick Mahomes winds up a throw. Aaron Donald stands in front of him with a fist raised as if trying to block him.

In comparison, Madden 24 did come with some new features and improvements to its predecessor Madden 23. Improved AI and systems were implemented to make individual battles on the field more lifelike. These features also help raise the skill ceiling of what players must do to succeed against the toughest competition. Many changes to Franchise mode were also included, giving players more control over their team’s actions and a more realistic feeling of a week during the season.

Madden NFL 24 Is Not Playable On Nintendo Switch

Available On PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One & X|S

Unfortunately, Madden 24 is not playable on the Nintendo Switch and is unlikely to be released on the console before the series’ next installment. This is a harsh blow for football fans on Switch, especially since the game is on PC, as well as the old and current generations of PlayStation and Xbox. Microsoft even went as far as to include on Xbox Game Pass for players to enjoy on a subscription payment. This method works incredibly well for those who want to play Madden but feel the minimal upgrades are not worth the full price of the game.

Luckily, Madden 24 includes crossplay compatibility, so those with access to the game can play with others regardless of platform. However, there are still some restrictions with this new feature. That is, crossplay only works on current-generation consoles along with PCs, and only specific modes utilize crossplay. Regardless of the understandable limitations, it is a huge step forward for the franchise in bringing players together and further optimizing for the future.
Browns lineman Miles Garrett in Madden NFL 24, trying to get out of a block to sack Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who is stepping back to throw. A referee and the crowd are blurred in the background.

Possible Reasons Why Madden NFL 24 Is Not On Switch

Fans Have Been Requesting It

Madden NFL cover athlete and crowd cheering.

While there is no confirmed reason why Madden has not reached the Switch yet, some possibilities do exist. The first one is the technical limitations the Switch has become known for the past few years. Madden is a demanding franchise of games, and it could be possible that the Switch’s hardware is just not up to the task. However, this makes little sense as it’s also available on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Browns lineman Miles Garrett in Madden NFL 24, trying to get out of a block to sack Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who is stepping back to throw. A referee and the crowd are blurred in the background.

The last time a Madden game was on a Nintendo console was in 2011 with Maden NFL Football for the Nintendo 3DS, which could point to EA just being reluctant to launch Madden on a Nintendo console. This is similar to how MLB The Show was previously not on PC or Xbox, though recent installments have been allowed on Xbox through the Game Pass.

A final possibility could be that, sales-wise, it doesn’t make sense for either side. American Football, while growing in popularity, is still not much of a global sport, and where the Switch is arguably the most global console, it may not sell well on the platform. In this regard, it makes more sense for both sides to avoid wasting time and money creating a product that has little hope of returning a profit.

A coach stomps across the field, teeth gritted and clutching a clipboard. In the background, Aaron Rodgers jumps to catch a pass.

While it is unfortunate that Madden 24 and its top overall players have not reached the Switch, there is a chance that could change in the future. More powerful future versions of Nintendo’s handheld console, the rumored Nintendo Switch 2, could make for a smoother performance for the franchise. Meanwhile, if the popularity of American Football continues to rise, both sides have more reason to invest resources in a Switch version. However, until any confirmation is made, Madden NFL 24 and all future installments are not playable on the Nintendo Switch.

Field in Madden NFL to the left of a player

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