Jason Whitlock Reveals His Genius Idea For Caitlin Clark And Her Basketball Career

Caitlin Clark in uniform. Jason Whitlock  speaking on show.Caitlin Clark Jason Whitlock (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Former sports pundit turned conservative talk show host Jason Whitlock thinks he has the best idea for Caitlin Clark going forward.

The college world witnessed on Sunday the final time we will ever see Caitlin Clark on the floor for the NCAA, but it was quite the ride. It was so much of a ride that Jason Whitlock thinks it should not be over as of yet.

The former ESPN personality took to X this week and stated that Caitlin Clark should change her mind about going to the WNBA and return to the Iowa Hawkeyes next season so she could make even more millions from the NIL. He then stated should retire from basketball, and marry her current boyfriend, all so that she could avoid the “nastiness’ that would await her playing in the WNBA.

“Caitlin Clark should return to Iowa next season, make about $20 million in NIL, retire from basketball, marry her boyfriend, and avoid the nastiness that awaits her in the WNBA. I’m not joking.”

Jason Whitlock is speaking strongly on this due to the many current or former WNBA players throwing shade towards Caitlin Clar and how many records she has broken as well as the media attention she gets for being a great player.

Whitlock even called out the WNBA ladies for their behavior towards Caitlin Clark before her final collegiate game.

“There are just some women who can’t be pleased no matter what, and are NEVER satisfied. We’ve never had an American women’s basketball player offered $5 million, $4 million, $3 million, $2 million, $1 million to play basketball here in the States. And this woman has found a way to be offended by it? Can’t be satisfied, it doesn’t matter what you do.

This is a great opening opportunity for American women’s basketball players. Caitlin Clark can drag all of these angry women to the financial Promised Land that they’ve been begging for. If Lexie Brown was smart she’d be saying ‘AWESOME CUBE! NOW, WNBA, WHAT’S YOUR COUNTER? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? SOMEONE IS OFFERING TO PAY CAITLIN CLARK $5 TO PLAY IN THE BIG3!’… I think Lexie Brown makes only $80,000. Ice Cube is elevating the market for all women’s basketball players, but Lexie Brown is upset?, Whitlock stated on Fox Sports Radio.

WNBA Players Are Waiting On Caitlin Clark To Arrive

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
With Iowa’s loss to South Carolina in the national title game, Caitlin Clark has officially played her last college basketball game and now a bunch of players in the WNBA are waiting for her.

WNBA legend Diana Taurasi found herself in hot water after she insinuated that Clark looks “superhuman” now because she’s playing against teenagers, but will have a much harder time in the WNBA. She declared that “reality is coming” for Clark.

“Reality is coming. There’s levels to this thing, we all went through it,” declared Taurasi. “…You look superhuman playing against some 18 years olds but you’re going to come play with some grown women that have been playing professional basketball for a long time.”

Sheryl Swoopes incorrectly said Clark was in her fifth season with the Hawkeyes when compared to Kelsey Plum achieving the all-time scoring record. Former UConn player Breanna Stewart claimed Clark couldn’t be the GOAT without a national title while Hall of Famer Lynette Woodard, who previously held the NCAA scoring record, believes Clark’s use of three-pointers meant she didn’t actually break the nearly 50-year-old record.

WNBA Champion and LA Sparks guard Lexie Brown also found an issue with her after Ice Cube offered her $5 million to play in the BIG3.


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