JJ Redick & LeBron Troll Sports Analyst Over Backwards Hat Debate


JJ Redick’s backwards hat on the latest episode of him and LeBron James’ podcast has rubbed Sports Analyst Colin Cowherd the wrong way.

Cowherd took aim at Redick’s backwards hat and claimed he “looks like a guy that’s gonna move my couch”, while adding that it’s an unprofessional look for someone who is rumored to be in line for multiple NBA coaching jobs right now.

“Don’t love the backward hat for JJ Redick. Didn’t like it,” Cowherd said on his show The Herd with Colin Cowherd. “I didn’t hear a word LeBron said, I couldn’t stop staring at the hat. JJ Redick’s going for NBA head coaching jobs, he looks like a guy that’s gonna move my couch.

“Didn’t like it, I’d tell JJ to his face,” he continued. “I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re gonna be an executive in this league. You’re gonna be a high-level executive or coach.’ Whatever, you guys can go ahead and push back on that stuff. I didn’t like it. My opinion, my show.”

Cowherd has long been opposed to the backwards hat and reminded everyone on Wednesday that its because he thinks wearing one doesn’t portray a professional image.

Redick responded to Cowherd on X, by simply reposting the clip and saying, “LOL”.

While LeBron had more of an elaborate troll.


Cowherd saw the response from LeBron and simply wrote, “Hurtful.”

This certainly won’t be the last time Cowherd has beef with a backwards hat.

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