Joe Burrow Injury Report Gets Brutally Exposed In The Community Notes On ‘X’

Joe Burrow smilingJoe Burrow (Photo by Jeff Dean/Getty Images)

Joe Burrow was back making passes this week, but a worrying report surfaced online claiming the quarterback’s wrist will never be the same and that the surgery he underwent was done to ensure a bone grows back correctly.

The report came from John Frascella, whose account appears to be more of an aggregate hub than anything else.

“Joe’s surgery in LA was not to fix his injury, but to make sure the bone grows correctly,” his report stated. “Joe will always be at risk of injury because his bone has to grow back and that could take two years. His playing will all be off of risk.”

According to, the community notes were brutal.

“This person is lying for clicks and engagement,” it read.

“Joe Burrow did not break a bone. He tore a ligament in his wrist. There is no bone that needs to ‘grow,’” it added.

A third note read: “Joe’s surgery was done by world-renowned hand surgeon, Dr. Tom Graham, in Pennsylvania, not L.A.” 

Joe Burrow Looked Good Throwing Passes On Monday

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback returned to practice this week and threw some passes, much to the delight of fans. His wrist didn’t seem to be an issue either.

Burrow, who’s since claimed he has been feeling good, looks to be on track to be able to take part in training camp and preseason this time around.

“I’ve felt good the last two days,” the QB said in a press conference on Tuesday. “I don’t ever really know how it’s going to feel until I wake up the next morning, but I’ve been encouraged by the last couple of days, for sure.”

Of course, he’s not quite out of the woods yet, but the signs are certainly encouraging.

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