Key Piece Of Evidence Referenced In ESPN’s OJ Simpson Documentary Has One NFL Reporter Convinced He “Did It”

OJ Simpson in court with his defense teamOJ Simpson (Photo credit should read POO/AFP via Getty Images)

NBC’s Mike Florio is convinced OJ Simpson was indeed guilty of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

The former NFL running back passed away on April 10 at the age of 76, having lost a long-running battle with prostate cancer. And his death has reopened the debate over whether he did it or not.

OJ Simpson, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, was accused of stabbing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman to death in 1994 but was acquitted the following year as a jury could not find him guilty.

Still, he was found liable for the deaths at the end of a civil trial in 1997.

Florio claims to have re-watched the ESPN documentary, ‘O.J.: Made In America’, following Simpson’s passing and is of the view that there’s no doubt he was guilty.

The NFL reporter reckons the Bruno Magli shoes, which left a print at the scene, were the “smokiest of the smoking gun.”

The five-part series makes it crystal clear. He did it,” Florio writes for “The smokiest of the smoking gun is the shoes. The Bruno Magli shoes that left a print in the blood at the scene of the butchering of the two victims.”

He adds that the prosecution fumbled the case by lacking two important bits of evidence.

Despite all the evidence the prosecution had available to it, it lacked two key things: (1) sworn testimony from Simpson denying that he would ever wear such “ugly ass shoes”; and (2) a photo of Simpson wearing said ugly A- shows while working for NBC.


The civil case had both of those facts. And that, folks, is game over.”

OJ Simpson Denied Owning The Shoes

Simpson denied owning the shoes, though a picture showed him wearing them. According to Florio, his denial means he was guilty.

Yes, he has died and that’s a tragedy for his family,” he writes in conclusion. “But he got to live a full life. His victims did not. They should not be forgotten. Especially when it’s clear that they’re not alive today for one reason: O.J. Simpson.

Simpson was cremated last Wednesday, per his longtime attorney Malcolm LaVergne. The lawyer also made it clear that he did not confess to the murders while on his last days, despite the speculation.

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