LOOK: Sports illustrator captures Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama’s rookie season through a virtual Renaissance painting

The Photoshop illustration is titled “W: Year One” and should hang in the Louvre.

SAN ANTONIO — How San Antonio Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama played on the court during his rookie season was like fine art.

With his ability to do it all on both ends of the court, from blocking shots and dunks and knocking down 3-point shots to impacting the game, Wemby proved he is a generational player in his first NBA season.

To capture all Wembanyama did last season, French sports illustrator Caroline Blanchet (Ptitecao on X) paid tribute to the 20-year-old’s rookie season, capturing some of his best moments on the court but with a Renaissance painting touch.

The “W: Year One” art piece depicts Wembanyama in his Spurs uniform, depicting him looking at himself and in various action moves.

She posted on social media, “The opportunity to look back on the rookie season of Wemby. A project thought up in October, inspired by Renaissance paintings, without any pretension of even approaching the level of detail and mastery of the art of this period.”

According to the artist, it took 150 hours and 300 layers in Photoshop.

“To finally tackle production with more than 150 hours and some 300 layers on Photoshop. Quite proud to have completed this extraordinary project for me, I am not used to working on the same visual over such a long period,” she said.

Maybe this Wemby art piece will hang in France’s Louvre Museum someday.

She also shared another Wemby-inspired illustration that is incredible.

Not to be outdone, San Antonio has expressed their appreciation for Wemby through murals.

Many dot San Antonio businesses are must-visit destinations for Silver and Black fans, including Wemby and several current and former Spurs.

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