New Chargers HC Jim Harbaugh Has Made A ‘Weird” Change To The Team’s Locker Room That Has Drawn Mixed Feelings From Fans

Jim Harbaugh smiling during press conferenceJim Harbaugh (via Getty Images)

Jim Harbaugh has recently joined the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers as their new head coach after spending eight seasons at the University of Michigan coaching his alma mater to a national championship in 2023.

According to Dan W. of Chargers Unleashed, the 60-year-old head coach has overhauled the lockerroom in Los Angeles, bringing in some college-style motivation for Justin Herbert, Joey Bosa, and company

Harbaugh has reportedly rearranged the lockers, organizing them numerically, and replacing the buddy system held by the team before his signing. This was most likely done to shake up the team and create more comradery among the players.

According to the story, Harbaugh also added another tidbit to the lockers, putting each player’s rankings coming out of high school on each respective nameplate. It’s quite an interesting aspect given the fact that a player like star linebacker Khalil Mack was only a two-star recruit.

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This change to the room has seen a mixed reaction from fans as some are very confused, even criticizing the move. Others have been much more forgiving and we should point out that Harbaugh’s madness was effective when Harbaugh was coaching in San Francisco in 2012.

With mixed reactions, only time will tell if the esteemed head coach’s ways will end up being effective in La-la-land. Harbaugh’s contract is set to expire after the 2028 season which could be a realistic window if all goes according to plan.

Harbaugh’s record as an NFL head coach is 44-19-1 having only missed the playoffs once in four years, so it seems as though the Chargers may be on a path to success after missing the playoffs in 2023.



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