New Report Details OJ Simpson’s Final Moments Before His Death

OJ Simpson looks on in court.OJ SImpson (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

OJ Simpson has died of cancer at age 76, his family tragically announced on Thursday. It was news that nobody saw coming, even after reports stated he was battling cancer in February.

All five of OJ Simpson’s loved ones — including two with murdered wife, Nicole Brown Simpson — were by his side when he tragically departed from the Earth. We are now finding out just how bad his health was in the last few months of his life.

OJ Simpson told fans he was in good health in his final tweets posted weeks before succumbing to prostate cancer. That was far from the truth.

TMZ reported what life was actually like for the former NFL running back before his death. According to the report, Simpson battled prostate cancer for over a year but “seriously deteriorated” over the last 11 months.

“Despite the brave face he put on, our sources tell us the cancer was not at all in remission and greatly impacted his health,” TMZ reported. “Whereas, we’re told, he lived as if he were a younger man — even into his later years — his physical state seriously deteriorated over the past 11 months.”

The report further stated OJ Simpson was “in and out of the hospital for about six months,” and despite his denial, he would eventually require hospice care to get ready for the eventual end of his life. In fact, he was released from the hospital just two weeks ago with a hospice care plan.

OJ Simpson was said to be “in and out of consciousness” and sleeping a lot, which explains why he stopped doing videos in mid-February. Once it was determined that his time was coming to an end, the information was relayed to his family. A hospice bed would be purchased and brought into his master bedroom, and it got so bad that he was unable to get in and out of it by himself in his last days.

On the day that OJ Simpson passed, one of his family members went to check on him and noticed he was unresponsive, so they called in a nurse who then declared that he was deceased. A funeral home was soon contacted, and the world would find out about his death the following day.

OJ Simpson’s Death Was Mocked And Mourned By Many

OJ Simpson in courtOJ Simpson (Photo by Issac Brekken-Pool/Getty Images)
Reactions to the death of O.J. Simpson continued from the press, friends, fans, and critics since the announcement came from his family.

Simpson died Wednesday from complications of prostate cancer, and although some people celebrated his life, others mocked him.

Simpson has been a divisive figure in the world ever since his estranged wife’s murder in 1994. He was accused in the double murder of Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, and promptly acquitted in 1995. Many longtime critics do not care what the jurors stated that day, they will always feel that Simpson got away with murder.


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