NFL Fans Are Disgusted After Photo Leaks Of The Houston Texans’ Hideous New Uniform Design

Houston Texans helmetHouston Texans helmet (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

The Houston Texans will reveal their new uniforms at a release party that is set for next week, but it appears we are already seeing the new threads based on a new leak.

These days, it gets increasingly hard for franchises to keep their new uniforms from leaking out after they announce it, and now the Houston Texans are dealing with it this week.

On X, formerly Twitter, a picture leaked out showing a board reading “H-Town Blue with what looks like three different concepts for a new jersey, with one of the jerseys being described as “full primary color.”

You can also see part of a mannequin rocking a Hoston Texans jersey as well.

Fans quickly took to the comments and quotes to show their displeasure with the apparent photo leak for the Houston Texans:

The Texans are planning a full reveal of their uniforms in April during the week of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Texans Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Doug Vosik played a significant role in Houston’s new jerseys. According to Brian Barefield of USA Today, Vosik says the franchise is “excited about the new uniforms.”

The Houston Texans Had An Incredible Turn Around In Just One Season

C.J. Stroud helped up by head coach DeMeco Ryans (Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

Houston’s NFL franchise was the mockery of the league as recently as a year ago when they were in the midst of a dismal three-year stretch in which the Texans’ owner employed three different head coaches.

Everything that went bad corrected itself once the team hired DeMeco Ryans and then drafted C.J. Stroud, the Offensive Rookie of the Year, with the No. 2 pick in April.

The Texans went from the NFL cellar to the postseason to win a playoff game in just one year, and now players from other teams are scrambling to play for a franchise that was once looked at as a joke.


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