NFL Fans Are Furious With The League’s Decision For Highly Anticipated Week One Contest

Roger Goodell walks off the field at an NFL game.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The NFL announced in February that the Eagles would be part of the first-ever NFL game in South America, and now we know who their opponent will be and when it will take place.

The Green Bay Packers will open the 2024 season against the Eagles on Sept. 6 in São Paulo, it was announced Wednesday. The game in São Paulo will take place Friday night of Week 1.

That announcement was exciting, but it clearly paved the way for NFL fans to be angered as Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers will play Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, and the contest will be played on NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced in February that the Eagles had been selected to play the league’s first game in South America, and now they are going to force fans to pay for yet another streaming service to watch the contest.

Many NFL fans took to social media to voice their happiness with this development:


This will mark just the second international game for both the Eagles and Packers, as they both previously played in London. The Philadephia Eagles defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars back in 2018, while the Green Bay Packers lost to the New York Giants in 2022.

The NFL Scored Huge Putting Playoff Game On Peacock

Patrick Mahomes (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
As everyone observed, the league sought to capitalize on the Taylor Swift frenzy as the streaming service attracted new members. Therefore, the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins wild-card round matchup was shown exclusively on Peacock, the NBC streaming service.

According to Nielsen, Peacock scored a touchdown for the first NFL playoff game that was only available on the streaming service, drawing in a total of 23 million people.

According to a release from NBC, the NFL game was the “most-streamed live event in US history,” and the cause of the highest amount of internet traffic in the country on a single day.

Fans may not like it, but putting NFL games on streaming services appears to be the future.

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