NFL Fans Are Torching The New England Patriots After Their “Terrible” New Logo Leaked Online

New England Patriots helmet on the field after a gameNew England Patriots helmet (via Getty Images)

The New England Patriots currently play all their home contests at Gillette Stadium, meaning if any news breaks, we’ll most likely hear it coming from the stadium first—or see it in some cases.

It seems as though that may be the case today as the Patriots have apparently leaked a new logo, which was spotted all around their home stadium, meaning there is a possibility that the team could be seeing a rebrand in the near future.

The new logo has been leaked multiple times. First, it was spotted during a video call with Patriots general manager Elliot Wolf. Furthermore, the logo was also seen in the background of a video in which a former Patriots linebacker visited the team’s facilities and posted about the trip on his social media.

If fan reactions are to be trusted, the new flying Elvis logo has not been well received thus far. Fans are not happy with the Patriots’ decision. Many think they could have gone back to the Pat the Patriot logo instead.

Some fans are questioning whether or not it’s an alternate logo. That may very likely be the case, but even so, they remain disappointed. One fan voiced his concerns, stating, ” That logo looks terrible. It looks like a small-town rugby club league logo.”

Another fan was swift to comment and voice his displeasure with the Patriots new logo, stating, “No to the logo.” Another fan added, “The new logo looks like the word no,” and if we are honest, we see it.

While the logo has yet to be confirmed as either an alternate, primary or just a stadium-use logo, there is still so much support for the Patriots to bring back the old Pat the Patriot logo. Only time will tell if the fans get what they want.

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