NFL Fans Took Advantage Of Opportunity To Destroy Aaron Rodgers After New York Jets Set Him Up With Terrible Solar Eclipse Post On Social Media

Aaron Rodgers on the Jets sidelineAaron Rodgers (via Getty Images)

New York Jets franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers is always looking for new ways to get into headlines, as evidenced by his ongoing tussle with late-night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

This time, his virality wasn’t of his own doing. The Jets posted a picture of Rodgers that was taken during a 2023 home game against Kansas City, where he is pictured sitting on the sidelines with his torn Achilles, arms folded, and wearing sunglasses.

A lot of Rodgers’s virality is due to his popular following of certain conspiracy theories, such as his whole COVID-19 vaccination scandal. This was the main reason for the Jets’ post going viral with the caption “eclipse ready,” as scientists have recommended not to look at the eclipse with solely sunglasses.

Fans are ripping the famed Jets QB. They roasted Rodgers by commenting on the fact that Rodgers doesn’t “believe in the moon” with another fan adding that Rodgers has once again “done his research again”.

Aaron Rodgers Looking To Make A Comeback In 2024

Another fan jokingly replied that Rodgers is “doubtful” for week one of the NFL season after being “blinded” by the eclipse, while another fan pointed out that it was “nice” that they recognized their signal-caller was an “idiot,” making it clear that some think the post was made on purpose.

Rodgers is set to make his return in 2024 with the Jets. The QB was out the entire 2023 season with an Achilles injury which he tried to make a return from in January. The controversial QB is predicted to be slotted in as the number-one guy for Gang Green when the season begins in September.

While fans may be quick to tear the QB to shreds, it’s clear that he makes the Jets better when he is on the field as Zach Wilson struggled to replace the long-time Packers starter in 2023. With Rodgers back on the field, the Jets may become one of the best teams in NFL history.

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