NFL Fans Were Completely Fooled Into Thinking The New England Patriots & Their Newest Superstar Had Grossly Disrespected Franchise Icon Tom Brady

Tom Brady shakes New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's hand.Tom Brady and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Tom Brady is without a doubt the most accomplished NFL quarterback in history. His accomplishments are record-breaking in every category including 7 total Superbowl rings, 6 of which with the New England Patriots and he did it all while wearing his historical number 12.

The New England Patriots have recently brought in running back Antonio Gibson on a 3-year deal worth just over $11 million and he has decided to wear the former QB’s number, or so some fans thought due to a couple of viral X posts.

With the original post being by a Dolphins fan in a successful attempt to troll the entire internet, a Patriots fan quickly caught wind of this post and reposted the photo to his X account, only adding “validity” to the number selection.

Fans had some interesting things to say about Gibson’s “choice” to rock the number, and not everybody was polite. Some fans called for the Patriots to retire Brady’s number already while others ripped the tweet.

New England Patriots Star Saved From Backlash By Young NFL Reporter

After the fake number tweet went viral, fans were disappointed, to say the least. However, after all the chaos ensued, a young NFL Reporter posted the original photo to his own X account showing Gibson’s real number, which is actually 21.

While fans may have been fooled and the number 12 won’t be worn, it begs the question, when will Brady’s number be retired across the league? Or at least in New England?

Many fans have compared the situation to Wayne Gretzky having his number retired almost immediately after the end of his career, and it’s not a bad comparison as Brady certainly deserves the Jersey retirement after his historic career.



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