NFL rumors: Cards GM’s direct message to teams about No. 4 pick trade

The Cardinals are waiting until the last possible moment to decide what to do with the fourth-overall pick.

Cardinals, Monti Ossenfort, Kyler Murray

If there’s one team that’s in prime position to execute a trade in this year’s NFL draft, it has to be the Arizona Cardinals… right? With so many teams looking for a star QB in the draft, the Cards are likely be the team that QB-hungry teams are targeting. That fourth overall pick is looking mighty fine for the team.

Of course, there’s still a good chance that the Cardinals keep the fourth overall pick. They could still end up using that pick to draft a non-QB (Marvin Harrison Jr, perhaps)? That is why the team is looking to keep their options open. According to Adam Schefter’s ESPN report about the Cardinals, GM Monti Ossenfort is telling teams that he will be waiting until they’re on the clock to finalize a trade.

“Arizona general manager Monti Ossenfort has advertised, with the No. 4 overall pick, his team is open for business. But no sales are expected to be final until the Cardinals are on the clock. Ossenfort has told teams around the league that have inquired about trading up that he wants to wait until he is in position to pick before agreeing to any trade.”

When you think about it, this strategy makes complete sense. At the moment, it feels like Caleb Williams is the only true lock in the NFL draft. Everything else is fair game. Depending on who’s available, the Cardinals can either jack up the price for the pick or lower it. It’s not like not trading the pick is a death knell, too: they could just end up picking whoever they desire at number four.

Cardinals’ draft shenanigans

Indianapolis, IN, USA; Arizona Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort speaks during a press conference during the NFL Scouting Combine at Indiana Convention Center.Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
This won’t be the first time the Cardinals got involved in some crazy shenanigans for a top-5 selection in the draft. Last season, Arizona traded the third overall pick in the 2023 Draft to the Houston Texans to move down to number 12. They then traded up to number six to take offensive tackle Paris Johnson. It was truly fascinating to see the Cards maneuver their way to getting what they want and then some.

The Cardinals find themselves in a similar position this year. Once again, they have one of the top picks in a draft full of elite QB talents. With Kyler Murray still on the team, they are not in dire need of a QB. Therefore, a trade down does make sense. Teams that are looking for that franchise QB might give up a star or two to get the top pick.

It’s not as simple as it sounds: depending on who’s available, the haul that the Cardinals could get will change. Still, Arizona is in a great position to cater to their needs, and Ossenfort is doing a good job so far. Being patient allows them to potentially maximize the value of their selection.

“A team always could try to outbid the market and lock in the selection now, but it’s difficult to give up the haul of compensation it would take without knowing exactly which quarterbacks will be available. And so Ossenfort is sitting, in the eyes of one coach, “in the catbird seat.” The coach explained: “He sits at [No.] 4 and can take all the calls he wants.””


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