One Big-Name QB Prospect Is Already Being Called The “Steal Of The Draft”

"The Pick Is In" on the video board at the NFL Draft. Spencer Rattler is being called the steal of the 2024 draft.NFL Draft (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

One incoming NFL quarterback has been labeled the steal of the draft ahead of this month’s event. Robert Griffin III is apparently sold on the ability of Spencer Rattler and has a very good feeling about his future.

RGIII, who discussed the former South Carolina QB on his ‘RG3 and the Ones’ podcast, claimed the player’s time in college prepared him for a successful career in the league.

Griffin, a former NFL quarterback himself, spoke about all of the top prospects for the position set to enter the pros this year. He shared takes on the likes of Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels, but his opinion on Rattler was possibly the most surprising.

Spencer Rattler had a bit of an inconsistent career in college. While he was never short on talent, his maturity came under question after he joined Oklahoma, given his time in high school. He ended up getting benched by the Sooners during his sophomore campaign.

To Rattler’s credit, he worked hard to change everyone’s perception of his character, transferring to South Carolina. And, the way RGIII sees it, he’s done just that.

I think the steal of the draft is going to be Spencer Rattler,” the ESPN analyst said. “When you turn on this man’s tape, he has arm talent out of the wazoo.

Spencer Rattler Is Ready For The NFL, According To RGIII

Griffin also brought up a game against Florida in which the quarterback threw for 313 yards. He then spoke about the challenges the player faced in his senior season, complimenting his attitude.

He never complained about the offensive line being leaky,” he added. “He just found ways to make plays.”

According to RGIII, Spencer Rattler is NFL-ready because of the system he played in for the Gamecocks.

He has the arm talent, has the accuracy, has the pre-snap and post-snap ability, and played in a system at South Carolina that forced him to make those three-level throws that they use in the NFL off of play action.

[It’s] going to translate to him being a better NFL QB than he ever was a college QB.”

Rattler is expected to be a second or third-round pick in this year’s draft.

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