PHOTOS: Steelers QB Justin Fields Was Spotted On A Beach Date With His Popular New Girlfriend In Miami

Justin Fields walking at the beach.Justin Fields (via @justnfields Instagram)

The Justin Fields trade may not be something that all fans wanted this season, but it was going to happen regardless.

Since the combine, the Bears have been falling in love with Caleb Williams who is currently projected to and will be, according to Mel Kiper, the number one overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit later this April.

The Fields trade saw him moved to Pittsburgh, straight up for a 2025 sixth-round pick. But since the trade happened, football hasn’t been his only priority as he’s been spotted in Miami with his apparent girlfriend, influencer Joya Harris.

Harris and Fields were spotted on a beach in Miami and their Instagram stories seem to help the story line up.

(Photo via @justnfields Instagram)

(Photo via @joyayh_ Instagram)

The two both shared stories with photos of themselves on the beach. In Harris’ post, you can seemingly see Fields’ slides and his bag. He is shown with both in his story on the left.

Fields’ previous relationship with University Volleyball star Gianna Carmona has been confirmed after Carmona unfollowed the QB on Instagram.

Justin Fields Enters Pittsburgh As A Misfit QB

After what some would call a blowup off-season from the Chicago Bears, the team has added key pieces for their future star QB in Williams as they’ve added RB D’Andre Swift, CB Jaylon Johnson, OT Matt Pryor, and probably the most note-worth of them all, star WR Keenan Allen.

This is pretty unfortunate in a sense as the Bears never seemed too keen on building around the 2021 first-round pick and subsequently traded him away as he began to finally start breaking out last season when he recorded 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions while throwing for over 2,500 yards.

It seems as though Fields is heading to Pittsburgh as a security-back QB option. The Steelers signed veteran QB Russel Wilson to a 1-year deal after he was released from the Denver Broncos due to an issue regarding his injury guarantee.

Fields may play a few snaps and set himself up for a starting job elsewhere in 2025, as even if Wilson does play well, the Steelers will still most likely want to see what they have in Fields.

While this off-season may have been a treacherous one for the young QB, it seems as though he is enjoying his much-needed time off from the game.


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