Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio Calls Out ESPN’s Adam Schefter As Feud Between NFL Insiders Heats Up

Mike Florio speaking (left) and Adam Schefter talking (right).Mike Florio and Adam Schefter.

It’s well-known by countless football fans that Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio isn’t the biggest fan of ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

On Wednesday, Mike Florio once again reminded fans of his feelings towards his fellow NFL insider by calling out Schefter for apparently misreporting Josh Allen’s new contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Schefter reported that Allen’s new deal is for five years and worth $150 million. But according to Florio, the deal’s value is $141.25 million. That led to the Pro Football Talk adding another chapter to his well-documented feud with Schefter:

Following the news of Allen’s extension, Florio provided specific details on Allen’s lucrative extension with the AFC South club.

According to Mike Florio, the base value of the pact is for $141.25 million, and it will only jump up to $150 million if the 26-year-old “has 17.5 sacks or more every year, and if he gets to the Pro Bowl or is named first-team All-Pro in every season.”

Last season, Allen posted a career-high 17.5 sacks and a pair of forced fumbles.

Mike Florio’s Feud With Adam Schefter Has Gone On For A While

On one hand, it’s easy to understand why there may be tension between two prominent NFL insiders. Florio and Schefter are always trying to beat the other (as well as other insiders) for scoops around the league.

But there’s a “respect” thing when it comes to professional sports reporters and insiders. You often see insiders crediting one another for breaking news on a topic first, and you rarely see them get involved in X/Twitter battles like Florio instigates them with Schefter.

To Schefter’s credit, he almost always avoids responding to Florio’s jabs. In one rare instance, however, he responded to Florio’s shot with a short and sweet “Happy Thanksgiving” message back in 2021:

With a long NFL offseason ahead, don’t be surprised if we get yet another chapter of Florio vs. Schefter on “X”.


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