REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Emerge As “Sleeper” Team To Take A Quarterback Early In 2024 NFL Draft, According To Adam Schefter

Dak Prescott in Dallas Cowboys uniformDak Prescott (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys have made no real progress on a new contract for Dak Prescott, and the team is content with letting him play out his contract, even with the risk that they could lose him next offseason.

The Dallas Cowboys could soon prepare to land another quarterback that will eventually replace Dak Prescott, and that selection may come as soon as the NFL Draft this month.

In the aftermath of the Cowboys and Prescott agreeing that the star quarterback would play out the final year of his contract in 2024, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is now suggesting that the franchise could be a sleeper team to select a quarterback in the early rounds of this year’s NFL Draft.

“What are they going to do at quarterback if they lose Dak?” Schefter said during an April 9 edition of NFL Live on ESPN. “That’s interesting. And, that’s why I think the Dallas Cowboys just might be a sleeper team in the quarterback market in the NFL Draft.

“Because, at some point in time, they might have to draft a quarterback, higher than you’d think, at some point in time, because Dak is going into the last year of the contract, and it might be time to get somebody in there to start grooming. Just like they found Dak Prescott in Round 4, it might be time to go find another quarterback, in another round, to begin getting him ready.”

Due to various restructuring, the team has until March 12, 2025, to sign Prescott to an extension. If they choose not to, Prescott will count for at least $40.4 million against the team’s cap, along with his becoming a free agent.

Per ESPN‘s Todd Archer, even if the team signed Prescott to an extension, he would still cost more than $25 million against the team’s 2025 cap sheet because of those restructures.

Currently, Prescott, Trey Lance, and Cooper Rush are all entering contract years with the team. Should the team not select his possible replacement, the Dallas Cowboys would need to consider fifth-year Trey Lance as their primary option.

Losing Dak Prescott Would Be Detrimental To The Dallas Cowboys Without A Viable Replacement

Dak Prescott (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Given that Prescott is just 2-5 lifetime in the NFL Playoffs, and the Cowboys are fresh off losing in the Wild Card at home to the Green Packers, 48-32, the veteran quarterback is still one of the best in the entire league at his position.

Not wanting to pay Prescott because of his failures is one thing, but the Dallas Cowboys not having a viable replacement to keep the team as a Super Bowl contender would be detrimental to the stout talent they already have on the team.



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