REPORT: Josh Allen “Snapped” On Stefon Diggs In Locker Room After Buffalo Bills’ Week One Loss vs. Jets

Josh Allen pointing to his helmet and Stefon Diggs with his hands on his face.Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. (Photos via Getty Images)

Now that Stefon Diggs is no longer a part of the Buffalo Bills, were finding out more and more about his fractured relationship with quarterback Josh Allen.

The latest report comes from Bills insider Tim Graham, who recalled a rather tense moment between the two superstars in the locker room following Buffalo’s week one loss to the Jets.

Following the game at MetLife Stadium, which the Bills lost 22-16 in overtime, Graham claims he witnessed Josh Allen snapping on Diggs after the wideout said something to him.

Graham had originally written about what happened in the Bills locker room following that game, but he left out the interaction between Allen and Diggs. Now, he appears willing to talk about it, as he had the following to say during a recent podcast.

“In the locker room after the game…Josh Allen was sitting there in full uniform with Kyle Allen trying to console him, and a stream of players coming up, patting him on the back, dapping him up saying, ‘Hey, we’ll get them next time man’…

“He had a towel draped over his head and we just sat there. One thing I didn’t include in the story was Stefon Diggs coming up to him after the game… I didn’t include it because I didn’t know what Stefon Diggs said to him, but Josh Allen snapped at him. And he said, ‘It’s one f**king game.’ And kind of motioned like, I’m not talking to you here. And Diggs walked away and Josh sat there.”

In a recent story, Graham also claimed that Diggs “wore out” his teammates and staff, with some going so far as to claim that the outspoken wideout is “as likely to jab a co-worker in public as defend them.

Diggs had 10 receptions on 13 targets for 102 yards and a touchdown in that game, but Allen struggled mightily, throwing three interceptions while also losing a fumble.

Josh Allen And The Buffalo Bills Have Had Enough Of Stefon Diggs

While it had been rumored for some time that the Bills would trade Diggs, it never came to fruition until now.

With cap issues and several key veterans no longer on their roster, it appears as though Buffalo finally decided it was time to part ways with the disgruntled wide receiver and build a new core around Josh Allen.

In the end, the Bills managed to ship Diggs and a couple of late round draft picks off to the Houston Texans in exchange for the Minnesota Vikings’ second round pick in next year’s draft.

It’ll be interesting to see how Diggs fits in on his new team.

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