Report: NBA Executive Identifies New York Knicks as Ideal Trade Spot for Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis New York KnicksAnthony Davis New York Knicks (image source Getty Images)

The New York Knicks have emerged as a prominent contender to land Anthony Davis, and trade destinations for Davis are being discussed as the NBA offseason approaches. Though AD remains a Los Angeles Lakers star player, an unknown NBA general Manager called for a change of direction, sparking speculation about his future.

A recent post by an NBA Central social media account on X (formerly known as Twitter) reported that an anonymous NBA general manager stated that the New York Knicks would be the ideal destination for a potential Anthony Davis trade.

“When you look at it, if you’re serious about trading Davis at some point, then you need to accomplish a few things. You have to get him somewhere he wants to be. He wants to be a Laker. So if you trade him, you have to do right by him and send him to a good team in a good market; you don’t want to burn any bridges with Klutch Sports. You need a team willing to take on his money. Because it’s a lot. And you need a team who can load you up with draft picks. There’s really one team that fits all of those, and that’s the Knicks. It would not be hard to make a deal work there. You can line up the salaries. You can package a ton of picks. You can throw in a young player. You can take on a salary the Lakers might not want. I mean, he is one player, and you can get a huge haul here.” Unknown NBA General Manager said.

Trading Anthony Davis to the Knicks could be a viable option

Davis has been a Lakers player since 2019. He has played 75 games this season, averaging 24.6 points and 12.7 rebounds. Davis has signed a three-year contract worth $62 million annually, and his base salary for the 2024-2025 season is $43.2 million.

To retain Davis until 2028, the Lakers offered him a max contract that set a new record for the highest average annual value in NBA history.

If the Lakers decide to rebuild their team by adding young players and additional draft picks, trading Anthony Davis to the Knicks could be a good option. However, the main challenge would be to find a good contract that matches Davis’s value to the Lakers.

The idea of Davis playing for the Knicks is an excellent one that could significantly impact the NBA regarding team future and composition. As the season continues, basketball fans will closely monitor how these changes affect the league’s competition and the future of its top players.

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