REPORT: Surprise NFC Team Is Now Making Calls To Trade Up In The NFL Draft

NFL Draft green roomNFL Draft Green Room (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

A surprise NFC team is reportedly making calls in an attempt to trade up in the NFL Draft.

The draft is set to take place this week, with the first round to kick off on Thursday. And there’s likely to be plenty of surprise twists.

The Philadelphia Eagles have done their part in creating NFL Draft drama over the past few offseasons, with Howie Roseman closer to the phone than usual this time of year. They’re reported to be keen on going higher in the upcoming selection process, which is something they’ve become used to doing.

The former NFC champions traded up to draft wide receiver DeVonta Smith in 2021, doing the same so they could pick defensive tackle Jordan Davis the following year before turning around and trading their other first-round pick to hand the Tennessee Titans in exchange for WR A.J. brown.

The Eagles also traded up in 2023, moving one spot on the board to acquire star defensive tackle Jalen Carter from Georgia.

The Eagles Have Made Calls To Move Up In The Upcoming NFL Draft

Nick Sirianni (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Roseman has been making calls around the league as he is keen on picking a highly-rated cornerback ahead of next season.

If Roseman wants a cornerback at No. 22, as many people around the league believe he could, he might have to move up again,” Schefter wrote in his “draft intel” article on Monday. “Per sources, he already has been calling around, gauging what a trade up might look like to be prepared for what has become a near-annual tradition. It’s also worth noting Roseman, who has been Philly’s GM since 2010, has never drafted a corner, tight end, running back or safety in Round 1.

Toledo’s Quinyon Mitchell and Alabama’s Terrion Arnold are considered the top CBs in this year’s draft, and the Eagles could have their eyes on one of them. They’re currently picking at No. 22 this year, and with plenty of CB-needy teams scattered through the top 17 on the board, they could work their way higher up to make sure they get their man.


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