Reporter Labeled ‘Sexist Perv’ Over Caitlin Clark Interaction Apologizes, While Fans Call For Him To Be Fired

Caitlin Clark fields a question at her press conference.Caitlin Clark press conference (Photo via Twitter)

Caitlin Clark should’ve been the only thing talked about on Wednesday, as she was introduced to the Indiana Fever and the reporters as she got ready to embark on her pro career. Unfortunately, Clark went viral for an extremely uncomfortable exchange between her and a reporter.

A superstar at Iowa and one of the most well-liked athletes globally, Clark was taken first overall in the WNBA draft earlier this week. On Wednesday in Indianapolis, she gave her first press conference as an Indiana Fever player.

During the press conference, Gregg Doyel from the Indianapolis Star engaged in an unusual conversation with Clark, starting with a “heart hands” gesture.

That led to an awkward conversation:

“You like that?” Clark asked.

“I like that you’re here,” Doyel said.

“I do that at my family after every game, so, it’s pretty cool,” Clark said.

“OK, well, start doing it to me and we’ll get along just fine,” Doyel said.

Social media ripped him apart online and called Doyley every name in the book. He ignored the response initially but then tweeted somewhat of an apology.

He made things worse by writing an article about the situation and apologizing once again:

Doyel ended his column with a further apology to Clark, stating: ‘I now realize what I said and how I said it was wrong, wrong wrong. I mean it was just wrong. Caitlin Clark, I’m so sorry.’

It was too late. Fans wanted his head over his interaction with Caitlin Clark and promptly called for him to be fired.

Tickets For Caitlin Clark’s Debut With Indiana Fever Have Exploded

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark has been drafted and now fans of the Indiana Fever can embark on a new era in the franchise. It won’t be an easy one for all to see in person.

Clark took ticket prices to new heights as the Fever is seeing courtside seats for her debut going for nearly $2,500, according to

The report added that the Indiana Pacers, who are currently in the NBA playoffs, have seats selling at $1,220.

Clark’s Indiana Fever debut is selling for more than double that of an NBA courtside seat at a playoff game.




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