Shannon Sharpe Accuses Los Angeles Lakers Player Of Illegal Betting Activity After Terrible Game 2 Performance vs. Nuggets

Shannon Sharpe speaking into a mic and Darvin Ham yelling while coaching a game.Shannon Sharpe and Lakers coach Darvin Ham (Photos via Getty Images)

Shannon Sharpe is not a happy Los Angeles Lakers fan today.

In the aftermath of the Los Angeles Lakers Game 2 loss to the Denver Nuggets, Sharpe did not mince any words when speaking on Rui Hachimura’s performance.

Sharpe, known for his candid commentary, took aim at Hachimura’s lackluster showing on both ends of the court, and he even suggested that something illegal was going on as he brought up Michael Porter Jr.’s brother, who was banned from the league for betting on games.

“Rui, I don’t know, maybe he is talking to Michael Porter Jr.’s brother. Because I think he took the under on the 10 points the bettors had him. I’m saying that tongue in cheek. But I’m saying, bro, how you miss that many easy layups? How you have three points?”

Rui Hachimura had two terrible games in Denver against the Nuggets. In game 1, Hachimura only took four shots, hitting two of them for seven points.

During game two, Rui went 1 for seven from the field in 38 minutes for 3 points while adding five rebounds, via

As for the Jontay Porter mention, Sharpe was talking about the former Toronto Raptors player being handed a lifetime ban by the NBA for violating the league’s gambling policy. The NBA’s investigation found that Porter purposely limited his participation in a game last month against the Sacramento Kings specifically to influence the outcome of one or more bets on his performance.

Shannon Sharpe seems to think Rui Hachimura is playing terribly for the same reason.

Shannon Sharpe is A Noted LeBron Fan Who Almost Fought The Memphis Grizzles During Game

Shannon Sharpe (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

More than a year has passed since Shannon Sharpe nearly fought the entire Memphis Grizzlies roster.

Shannon Sharpe loves him some Lebron James, however, and while cheering on the team, he got in a shouting match with Ja Morant’s father, Tee, and the two had to be separated by security.

That came after he, Dillon Brooks, and Ja Morant had words with each other, which caused Steven Adams to come over to get involved.

Sharpe, who at the time was co-hosting FS1’s “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless, apologized on the air after the incident.


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