Shannon Sharpe Makes Wild Remark on Rui Hachimura 3-Point Performance in Game 2 Loss

Rui HachimuraRui Hachimura and Shannon Sharpe (Image Source: Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Lakers probably had the most heartbreaking game of the season against the Nuggets on Monday night. NFL legend Shannon Sharpe did not hold back his criticism of Rui Hachimura after his terrible performance on both ends of the court.

Sharpe expressed his opinions on Nightcap’s recent episode that covered the Lakers vs. Nuggets game. “Rui, I do not know; maybe he is talking to Michael Porter Jr.’s brother. because I think he took the under on 10 points the bettors gave him. I am saying that tongue in cheek. But I am saying, bro, how do you miss so many easy layups? How do you have three points?” said Sharpe.

Sharpe’s criticism was aimed at Rui Hachimura’s lack of offensive contributions. The young Lakers had a mere 3 points for the entire game, and Shannon’s comment underscored the disappointment felt by analysts and fans alike, as Hachimura indirectly contributed to his team’s defeat.

As a joke, Sharpe suggested that Rui Hachimura might have talked with Jontay Porter, the younger brother of Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr. The NBA recently issued a life ban to Jontay for placing bets on NBA games. While the reference was meant as a humorous joke, it displayed Sharpe’s disappointment.

Is Rui Hachimura to blame for the Lakers’ defeat?

The Lakers suffered a humiliating loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the first-round playoffs. Many people are blaming the young Laker, Rui Hachimura, for his horrible performance. However, he is not solely to blame for the team’s defeat.

The Lakers had established a 20-point lead despite Hachimura’s poor performance. It is true that Hachimura performing like he usually does would have given the Lakers a higher chance of winning the game. But every single player is to blame for blowing a twenty-point lead. The blame should not be placed on a single player, especially when he is young and has potential.

What do you think about Shannon Shape’s comments on Rui Hachimura? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.


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