Simone Biles Discloses Shocking Fact About Her Wedding That Might Cause Fans To Change Their Opinions About Her

Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles smilingJonathan Owens and Simone Biles (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Simone Biles revealed that she had gotten a bit too drunk at her pre-wedding party before marrying Jonathan Owens last year.

The power couple celebrated down in Cabo before tying the knot, and Simone took in more than her fill as she ended up blacking out at one point.

The star gymnast posted some never-seen party photos via her Instagram Story this Monday. And, by the looks of things, it was a pretty wild time. TMZ Sports noted her confession in which she admitted to passing out from drinking too much.


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Biles and her people spent the day at a swimming pool enjoying drinks to the point where she missed a good chunk of the party

“momma biles is probably telling me I need to eat before I black out,” she said in the caption of one of her photos, adding “which would have been good advice about 3 hrs before this…… bc I did indeed black out & miss the rest of the pool party.” 

She ended her photo dump with a photo of alcohol getting poured into her mouth, writing, “& then I blacked out.”

You can check out some other photos from Simone and Jonathan’s Cabo escapade below:
Simone Biles wedding partySimone Biles’ wedding party (photos via @simonebiles/IG)
Simone Biles wedding partySimone Biles’ wedding party (photos via @simonebiles/IG)
Simone Biles wedding partySimone Biles’ wedding party (photos via @simonebiles/IG)

Jonathan Owens Had No Idea Who Simone Biles Was

Fortunately for both of them, she recovered well enough to go through the marriage. You’d never guess she was passed out hours before her wedding day.

Biles and Owens were recently in the news after the NFL safety claimed he had no idea who she was before they started dating. Owens received rife backlash over the revelation despite his wife confirming everything he said was true.

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