Social Media Is Destroying Austin Rivers For His Ridiculous Claim About NBA Players Playing In The NFL

Pat McAfee speaking to Austin RiversPat McAfee speaking to Austin Rivers (Photo via @PatMcAfeeShow/Twitter)

Austin Rivers has opened a can of worms with one of his recent takes.

The former NBA player was a guest on ‘The Pat McAfee’ Show this Tuesday and claimed that NFL players would not be able to cut it in the NBA while NBA players would thrive in the NFL.

Rivers said he reckons we could “take 30 players right now in the NBA and throw them in the NFL,” however, “You cannot take 30 NFL players and put them in the NBA.”

Of course, host Pat McAfee wasn’t having that. While he mentioned certain NBA players who would probably be great in the NFL, he wouldn’t accept the claim that football players wouldn’t be able to get down on the basketball court.

We don’t need to look that far to poke holes in Rivers’ theory. The NFL is way more physical than the NBA, and while there are plenty of ball players who would be able to withstand hits, there are certain football players who would likely hold their own in the NBA.

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Puka Nacua showed his stuff in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game this year. He could have probably been a professional basketball player if he chose to go in that direction.

Former NFL receiver Devin Funchess also just landed a contract with a professional basketball team. Sure, he won’t be playing in the NBA, at least not yet, but he’s got an impressive game.

How about DK Metcalf? Don’t think he’d be able to play pro ball?

In any case, being great at one sport hardly means you’d excel at another, so the transition wouldn’t be automatic for players on either side.

You can see some reactions from social media here:

Austin Rivers Has Been Called Out By A Pair Of NFL Legends

Austin Rivers has since been called out by two NFL legends.

J.J. Watt, one of the best defensive ends in the history of the game, suggested that the former Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets guard should try football out since he’s currently playing neither sport.

Randy Moss, considered by many to be the greatest wide receiver ever to play, offered a surprised reaction.

You really did it this time, Austin.


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