Social Media Leaked A Photo Of The New Cleveland Browns Helmets For 2024, And Fans Are Confused

A Cleveland Browns fan with a creepy mask on.Cleveland Browns fans. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The New York Jets were the first team to unveil a new uniform for next season, but they certainly will not be the last one to unveil something new regarding their uniform, as the Cleveland Browns are set to be up next whether they like it or not.

Due to the NFL’s relaxation of helmet color regulations, throwback outfits are becoming more popular. This season will see the return of several timeless styles that have been discontinued for many years.

The NFL informed teams last week that they are expanding their uniform policy, which now allows teams to add a third helmet to their uniform closet.

This week, the Cleveland Browns found themselves trending online after an apparent photo leaked out showing their new helmets for the 2024 season.

Many NFL fans took to the comments and quotes to respond with confusion because these helmets do not look any different than their usual helmets.

In reality, the only thing known about a big change with the Cleveland Browns is that the team will be revealing a return to white facemasks that will be a permanent change from their brown facemask.

Also, the Cleveland Browns will be updating their logo to reflect the change, which is reportedly coming this week, via

The Cleveland Browns Have A Team Ready To Make A Deep Playoff Run

Cleveland Browns helmet (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns bolster a defense that won them many games in 2023. Before Deshaun Watson went down with an injury, they were instrumental in many games that caused them to squeak out a win.

Things only got better when Joe Flacco took over and got the team to the playoffs, however, they ran into an upstart Houston Texans squad that blew them out.

If Deshaun Watson can return to his former self, the Browns could easily find themselves going deep into the postseason.


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