Speaking in Favor of Tyrese Maxey, Stephen A. Smith Criticizes the Officiating During the Sixers vs. Knicks Game

Tyrese MaxeyStephen A. Smith and Tyrese Maxey (Image Source: Getty Images)

Just like Tyrese Maxey had said, Game 2 between the Sixers and Knicks was no less than a chess game. In a chess game involving a lot of physicality, both teams tried their best to dominate their opponents on the court.

Joel Embiid was an absolute monster, while Tyrese Maxey was a scoring machine. Knick star Josh Hart was also running rampant on the court, matching the Sixers toe to toe. Every player was doing their best, but the same cannot be said for the referees who were officiating the game.

Many potential foul calls were not made, and Tyrese Maxey received most of them. Popular analyst Stephen A. Smith criticized the NBA officials after he spoke in favor of Maxey.

“I saw Tyrese Maxey get mugged if I am being sincere. He got fouled at least two or three times. There is no reason on Earth why that call should not have been made,” said Smith. He criticized the officials for not calling out even the apparent fouls in the game. These calls are critical and can turn the tide of a game. The officials need to be more responsible and do their job as it is meant to be done.

The Knicks bag Game 2 against the Sixers

Late-game heroics by the New York Knicks players helped them secure a win against the Philadelphia 76ers. The trio of Josh Hart, Jalen Brunson, and Donte DiVincenzo have become the immovable pillars of the Knicks’ success in the absence of Julius Randle. Hardt delivered an explosive first-half performance, shooting 4 of 5 from downtown. He finished the game with 21 points and 15 rebounds.

DiVincenzo and Brunson sunk in back-to-back threes with almost 13 seconds remaining in the final quarter to help the Knicks take the lead. The Sixers couldn’t do anything but watch as victory slowly slipped away from their hands in front of their eyes. Joel Embiid, however, showed confidence and determination after the game, assuring the fans that they would be the ones to win the series.


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