“The Refs Rigging This Game”: NBA Fans React to D’Angelo Russell Getting Hit in the Face With No Foul Call

D'Angelo RussellD’Angelo Russell (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

When Game 1 of the playoff series between the Lakers and the Nuggets ended, many fans believed that D’Angelo Russell was partly to blame for his team’s loss. However, he walked into Game 2 with redemption on his mind.

The Lakers star was unbelievable, shooting 6 of 7 from beyond the arc to end the first half. The Lakers looked better compared to their first game, securing a twenty-point lead in the first half. However, the officiating in the game wasn’t the most accurate. Even after a review, D’Lo received a hit in the face during a drive attempt, but there was no foul call.

Fans are sharing their thoughts on the play video on social media. D’Angelo Russell jumps after a drive to score a basket in the video. Michael Porter Jr., who was guarding him, raised his hand. However, when MPJ’s hand dropped, it hit D’Lo straight in the face.

No foul was called on the play, and the Lakers requested a review. The officials made a review only to keep their decision unchanged. They ruled the foul on D’Angelo Russell marginal, not punishing the Nuggets. The game continued, but the Lakers eventually lost it, giving the Nuggets a stronghold on the series.

NBA fans react to D’Angelo Russell getting hit in the face

NBA fans were quick to express their opinions on the matter. They flooded the comments section on social media, One fan commented, “The refs rigging this game” accusing the officials of supporting the Nuggets with the calls. Another fan commented, “My god, every time I see it, it looks more ridiculous,” expressing his disappointment at a no-call.

Another fan commented, “Lakers vs. Refs as always,” accusing the officials of being unfair to the Lakers. Another comment said, “I dislike the Lakers and always want them to lose. That said, they were robbed here. That was a foul,” supporting the Lakers on this foul call.

Another fan commented, “All regular season that has been a flagrant, you can’t just hit someone in the face,” highlighting that such plays were called out as flagrant fouls in regular season. Another comment said, “We still remember AD got hit in the face and then missed the game cause of it. Same shit. No foul,” reminding everyone of a similar incident with Anthony Davis in the past.

Another fan commented, “Nuggets got bailed out last night, to be honest,” suggesting that the referees helped the Nuggets win. Another comment said, “I don’t care what the rules say; clearly a foul,” expressing his opinion on the foul.

Do you think that MPJ committed a foul on D’Angelo Russell, or were the officials right? We are eager to hear your opinion, so drop down in the comments and let us know.




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