Travis Kelce Was Caught Liking Interesting Post About Donald Trump

Travis Kelce in Chiefs uniform. Donald Trump sitting down in suit.Travis Kelce and Donald Trump (Via Getty Images)

Travis Kelce is getting tons of attention this week after social media users noticed that he liked an interesting political post regarding Donald Trump.

The prominent NFL tight end seemed to enjoy an Instagram picture taken at Saturday’s UFC 300 event with former ESPN presenter Stage Steele and Donald Trump.

In the post, Steele – an outspoken conservative who sued former employer ESPN over free speech – posted several photos and videos of her meeting and interacting with Trump at the UFC 299 event last month.

Many individuals took screenshots of the proof, even though Kelce appears to have subsequently unliked the post.

Travis Kelce has liked a post on instagram praising Donald Trump. I always knew this man had MAGA energy but now we have proof.

— 🐕‍🦺 (@lesbiansforjoe) April 13, 2024

A screen recording was also taken to show that it was not photoshopped:

And I took a screen recording to show that this is 100% real.

— 🐕‍🦺 (@lesbiansforjoe) April 13, 2024

The Kansas City star has never publicly stated a political party affiliation, but he has previously advocated for stricter gun control, kneeled during the National Anthem, and participated in an advertisement for the COVID-19 vaccine.

As for his girlfriend, Taylor Swift has previously endorsed Joe Biden to be President of the United States. However, she has yet to state anything for 2024. With pop star Taylor Swift’s anti-Donald Trump stance clear, no one knows if this may present a future problem between the two that could ultimately end their budding relationship that has played out since September 2023.

Travis Kelce Previously Caught Backlash For His Response To Visiting The White House

Travis Kelce (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Travis Kelce and politics have never really worked out for him.

Kelce caught backlash in 2020 when he stated he was “excited” for the “crazy opportunity” to go to Trump’s White House after they won the Super Bowl over the 49ers. He later clarified on Twitter, “Regardless of who is in office I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience our nations Capital.”

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