“Tweet Me Back With His Current Resume”: Shannon Sharpe Defends His GOAT Ranking Excluding LeBron James From Years Ago

Shannon Sharpe and LeBron JamesShannon Sharpe and LeBron James (ImageSource: GettyImages)

The Lakers star LeBron James has earned a reputation as one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA in his two-decade-long career. He has been a constant contestant in the GOAT debate with a huge following backing him.

NFL legend Shannon Sharpe has also been Team LeBron for a long time but recently a fan called him out. He posted a screenshot of Shannon claiming MJ to be the GOAT and questioned his loyalty to King James.

Shannon Sharpe defends his GOAT ranking without LeBron James

A screenshot of Shannon Sharpe’s tweet from 12 years ago was recently shared by a fan on Social media and the NFL legend has explained himself. In that tweet, Sharpe claimed Michael Jordan to be the greatest of all time and followed the Bulls star by Kobe Bryant. The fan posted the image of the tweet and questioned Sharpe’s support of LeBron’s camp.

Shannon was quick to defend his words from twelve years ago. He reposted the screenshot from his official X (formerly Twitter) account and accompanied it with a caption explaining himself. “How many rings, MVPS, All NBA selections, final appearances, Allstar appearances, All defensive selections did Bron have at the time of that tweet? Tweet me back with his current resume,” said Sharpe. He implied that his statements were from a time when Bron was a rookie and was finding his way through the professional scene.

Sharpe asked the guy who posted the picture to text him back with LeBron’s current resume pointing out that the Lakers ace was pretty new at the time of his tweet and did not have the monster stats he has today.

Sharpe goes gaga over James’ physique

Shannon Sharpe has been a big endorser of LeBron James for a long time. He has been an avid supporter of Bron’s status as the GOAT of the NBA. In a recent episode of the Nightcap podcast, Shannon ran a praise train for the Lakers star and couldn’t stop about him. He was accompanied by Gilbert Arenas on that episode who agreed with Sharpes’ take.

You know from the top to bottom that a guy is not built as solid as him (LeBron James). At that height, Giannis is built more like a football player. For the most part basketball player because we don’t lift like that, we don’t lift legs like that,” said Arenas. Shannon added to Arenas’ praise of Bron and said, “He has tremendous leg separation, I mean his quads, they’re they splitting. You look at his calves and you can tell he put his time on his legs and that is the foundation.” He highlighted that an athlete is recognized by his legs, if the legs are gone the athlete is gone.

What do you think about Shannon Sharpe defending his GOAT ranking? What do you think of Arenas and Sharpe praising LeBron James for his physique? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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